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Letter From the President


Hello LHPU Alumni.  I hope you are continuing to find success in your professional endeavors.  We are proud of our alumni and like to follow your successful careers.  As an alumni of LHPU, you are part of an elite group of engineers solving the most challenging problems in embedded systems and autonomous mobility.  In fact, we frequently talk with our employer partners like GM, Ford, Waymo, Aptiv, Cummins, CAT, and many more and we simply cannot supply enough qualified LHPU program alumni to fill their talent needs.  Since 2019, 98% of LHPU alumni who are eligible to work in the US have secured full time employment.

Do you remember your feeling when you secured your career after you completed the LHPU training? Do you know anyone who could benefit from the LHPU transformational experience?  Sometimes people just need a nudge to make the bold move to take that first step on a proven career pathway like LHPU.  Like you at one point in your life, the way forward to a successful career may lack clarity, but in 6 or 9 short weeks in an LHPU boot-camp, the picture could change dramatically for the better.  Will you help us change lives by recommending someone you know who is in need check out LHPU?  It might just change the course of their life.

Don’t forget that we have removed nearly all risk through our $0 down payment and deferred tuition repayment plan.



Michael Verkamp


LHPU President 

“We are proud of LHPU's mission of changing lives, 1 career at a time and support our Alumni in their future careers”
Mike Verkamp
LHPU President

LHPU Hiring Update

LHPU graduates are experiencing unprecedented success by applying their new skills to launch new careers.  In fact, since Jan. 2019, LHPU graduates are experiencing a 98% placement rate, for those eligible to work in the US.  One of the contributing factors to this success is our continued efforts to build relationships with external hiring partners as well as with LSS and LER TechForce recruiting teams.  We need your help to bring new students into the LHPU experience so we can change even more lives through building careers.  The changing technology in Autonomous and EV will provide tremendous opportunity to do more of this in the future.  

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LHPU Paid Internships

In 2020, LHPU introduced paid internships as part of our overall value proposition to LHPU training.  Since the program launched LHPU has hired over 75 graduates working on projects such as the LHPU Hybrid Controls bootcamp, which is scheduled to launch late 2021.  Other projects include an LHP R&D project known as the TOAD.  In this project, the interns, under the direction of Hareen Illa, are optimizing sensor technology in a “hitch less towing” application, with the end goal to develop a proof of concept worthy of attracting outside investment capital.  Check out the latest developments in this exciting project here.

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TOAD Internship Project 

Over 40 LHP and LHPU interns have worked tirelessly the past 2 years to make TOAD a reality. 

The idea behind the development of TOAD (Towable Autonomous Dray) is to cater light duty commercial vehicles especially with smaller powertrains to be used for towing purposes. This is planned to be achieved by making the TOAD semi-autonomous thus eliminating the need for a physical connection with the lead vehicle. Over the last couple of years, several graduates from both the Introduction to Autonomous Mobility (IAM) and fundamental of control systems courses were able to apply their learnings from training to develop a prototype and bring it to a point where there is a working demonstrator vehicle ready. As of today, TOAD is capable of following the lead vehicle within a range of 3 feet between the two and at top speeds of up to 12 MPH.

Concepts learned during training related to code development using python, C++, machine learning, sensor fusion, harness wiring, testing and validation are widely used.


Check Out the Video of the Toad Below! 






Summer Course Schedule

2021 Summer Schedule

IAM - Intro to Autonomous Mobility
AFSB - Fundamentals of Automotive Functional
Safety Controls Using ISO 26262

June 29 - IAM - Columbus, IN
July 6 - AFSB - Pontiac, MI
July 29 - IAM - Pontiac, MI
August 24 - AFSB - Columbus, IN


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Together we will change lives, one career at a time.


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