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Do I have to pay back my course fee balance even if I get a job that is not in line with the training I received? Do I have to pay back the fee if LHPU doesn’t place me?

  • Yes. Course fees are paid back regardless of the type of job received and by who or how you get placed in a job role. You are paying for valuable training which provides you exposure through many avenues inside and outside of LHP Engineering Solutions.

Can you sponsor my STEM Optional Practical Training (OPT) while I’m in training?

  • No. Per the 24-Month STEM OPT rule that became effective on May 9, 2016, employers may only sponsor their employees. No employer-employee relationship will exist between LHPU and the trainees enrolled in the course. The trainees will not be considered employees, interns, or volunteers. Thus, neither LHPES, LHPU, nor its affiliates are permitted to provide FEINs or E-Verify numbers, or to sponsor STEM OPT for trainees enrolled in LHPU.

What kinds of companies hire LHPU grads?

  • Over 50 Fortune 500 companies have hired LHPU grads, as well as 22 different OEMs, 19 automotive tier 1 suppliers, and 30 automotive tier 2 suppliers. We actively work with many companies that sponsor work visas.

What roles do LHPU grads get placed in?

  • LHPU grads have been placed in a large variety of roles based on their existing experiences paired with the training. Some of those roles include embedded software engineer, electronic controls engineer, calibration engineer, test engineer, vehicle systems design engineer, vehicle systems integration engineer, application engineer, functional safety engineer, and ADAS engineer.


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If I exit the course before completion due to a job offer or other reason, do I still pay the full balance?

  • LHPU offers a pro-rated fee to anyone who leaves the course early. Half of the quoted course fee is still owed if a trainee exits anywhere between the first and third week of training. After the half-way mark, the trainee owes a pro-rated fee based on the number of weeks attended. So, if 4 weeks were completed the pro-rated fee is based on 4 of 6 weeks of training.

Can I receive a refund on my deposit if I decide not to attend training or if I receive a job offer before the course start date?

  • Our refund policy on deposits states: This one-time deposit will only be refunded if a trainee withdraws from the course 7 days prior to the start of the training. The trainee must inform LHPU of withdrawal in writing by emailing If a trainee receives an offer within 7 days of the course starting, then a refund will be given upon “proof of offer.”

What does it mean to be LHPU alumni?

  • When you graduate from an LHPU course, you are considered family in our alumni group. Whether it is attending our alumni events or additional placement assistance in the future, LHPU is here for you like family. We value the opportunity to help you grow in any way we can, even after your course completion.

Does LHPU provide accommodations for trainees?

  • We have limited accommodations with free transportation to the training facility. They will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. 

What is the main difference between the diesel course and the gasoline course?

  • The courses are similar. However, the control strategies are different. The diesel course uses an internal combustion engine, whereas the gasoline course is based on a spark-ignited strategy. All trainees, regardless of the class they graduate from, have the same opportunities for employment.

Can I take this course online?

  • Currently, LHPU does not provide full training modules online. One of the key features that attracts potential employers to our alumni is the fact that the training is hands-on, mimicking a 9-5 employment scenario. Being at a training facility allows you to work cooperatively as a team with other engineers from varying backgrounds — an important soft skill in the workplace.

When will I receive my offer letter from LHPU?

  • Unless LHPES hires you as an employee, you will not receive an offer letter. We will, however, write a training acceptance letter for you to submit to your university that explains LHPU’s course and how it relates to your engineering discipline.

How quickly will I be hired after the training is completed?

  • There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this. LHPU has had trainees hired during the training course, within days after the training course ends, and for some, it takes much longer for a job opportunity to present itself. It all depends on an individual’s motivation in their job search, having a stellar resume, building your interviewing skills, and being ready when opportunity knocks. Understandably, current job markets also affect the timeline of a job offer. Approximately 91% of alumni find employment within 1 year after course completion, and LHPU has helped over 450 of our alumni find jobs.


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