The alumni of our LHPU engineering training courses come together in more ways than to support recent graduates.

Finding a Job

Our alumni network works hard to help un-hired graduates find their place in the engineering world. If there is a grad who is about to have a job interview, they can reach out to any alumni who are in a similar job position and help them prepare with mock interviews. This helps the job seeker prepare beyond mock interviews with someone who might not know which question to ask about that position.

In addition, we also have alumni who are constantly on the lookout for job openings that they feel other graduates would excel in based on the courses they took at LHPU.

Having Fun

Our alumni network also likes to focus on fun! We have several alumni events throughout the year, where graduates can hang out and network with other alum. This is not only an opportunity for fun but also for finding a job if they haven’t already.

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Written by Sarah McClellan