The Importance of Tailoring Your Resume for your Engineering Career Search

At LHPU, we provide aspiring engineers and engineers who want to re-enter the workforce with the hands-on, real-world experience they need to hit the ground running when it comes to their career search. We not only provide our students with the essential experience they need to stand out above their competition, but we also help them improve their soft skills such as resumes.

Resumes are Just as Important as Experience

You could have all of the experience in the world needed to excel at a certain job, but if you cannot convey your capabilities through your resume, you may never have the chance to show your potential employer your skills.

At LHPU, we have several soft skills training sessions built into our curriculum because we want our students to succeed. And soft skills are an essential part of the engineering career search process.

In these resume assistance sessions, we teach you how to build a resume and how to tailor it to the job descriptions and responsibilities that your potential employer has defined. Essentially, we help you match the skills that you see in the job description and the skills that you truly have. Then, making sure you can pull those skills to the forefront of your resumé and get them into what we call the “prime real estate” of the resume.

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Written by Sarah McClellan