Hands-On Automotive Engineering Experience

LHPU was founded to help strengthen the knowledge and provide experience to engineers who want to become a part of the fastest-growing field in the automotive industry.

Our Intro to Autonomous Mobily Course is the best way for aspiring engineers and current engineers to grow their skills and hit the ground running in a new or current career.

Student Experience at LHPU

Shreyash is a student at LHPU. He recently completed his master’s degree in mechanical engineering with a specialization in automotive control systems. During the last two semesters of his master’s degree, Shreyash was working hard to gain more knowledge and experience in the autonomous mobility industry by taking online courses with a different company.

The reason Shreyash decided to attend LHPU was for the real-world, hands-on experience we offer. Though many online courses do help to provide a wealth of knowledge for autonomous mobility, without physically working with the technology, there is a big gap.

Using prerecorded data doesn’t provide the same learning environment that can be achieved in our hands-on courses.

While at LHPU, Shreyash said he was able to record his own data feed from lidar and radar sensors, learn how to integrate the different sensors, and test his algorithms in a real-work environment.

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If you are looking to advance your engineering career through autonomous mobility, LHPU offers a real-world experience where you can learn so much about this growing field. Contact us today to learn more!

Written by Sarah McClellan