LHPU engineering training courses prepare aspiring engineers for their future careers through hands-on technical skill programs, but also through soft skill development training.

Having the knowledge, skills, and experience to work on real engines is essential to becoming a successful engineer, but having the communication skills, problem-solving skills, and people skills, is just as essential.

How Does LHPU Prepare Engineers for Their Careers?

Our training courses have soft skill training incorporated into them, so while you are learning how to work on an engineer, you are also learning how to work with a team and how to collaborate effectively with others.

What Do Hiring Managers Look for in a Candidate?

The number one thing that our customers look for when deciding whether to hire a candidate is their ability to communicate, think critically, and problem solve. It is one thing to be able to understand the technology, but it is important that you can work as a team while accepting constructive criticism and guidance from other members.

During our training programs, there are several ways we help our students develop these important soft skills. One example of how we foster this is by switching up teams on each project so students can learn to work with others.

We also like to have fun! We create soft skill-building exercises and activities for our students so they can improve their communication and critical thinking skills while having fun.

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If you are interested in furthering your technical and soft skills as an engineer, LHPU offers programs to help you achieve those goals while preparing you for a successful career. To learn more, please contact us with any questions.

Written by Sarah McClellan