Further Your Engineering Skills with Hands-On Technical Training

LHPU has started offering more options for engineers and aspiring engineers who want to gain the necessary hands-on experience they need to get that competitive edge. Traditionally, we offer a 6-week boot camp that provides students with the technical training and soft skill development they need to succeed in their future careers.

However, we have noticed that more and more current engineers are looking to enhance their skills and learn about the newest technologies, but they can’t always attend our immersive 6-week programs.

In order to accommodate those who cannot take the 6-week courses, we now offer accelerated nights and weekend courses.

How Does the Nights and Weekend Course Work?

The nights and weekend course has the same curriculum as the 6-week course, but it is broken up over a Saturday and a Sunday and then a few Wednesday nights. Some of the sessions are done via video conferencing.

This course still offers the students the opportunity to collaborate, work with the technology, and work on their soft skills.

With soft skill training, we focus on the individual needs of the class at the time, so we work with the students to help them in the areas they need.

Learn More About Nights and Weekend LHPU Courses

If you are interested in learning more about our nights and weekend engineering training course, please contact us today with any questions or to sign up!

Megan Verkamp

Written by Megan Verkamp

Megan has 5 years of experience in the automotive industry, working as a marketing manager for LHP Engineering Solutions. During Megan’s time at LHP, she has been involved in several co-marketing partnerships with Jama Software, NI (previously National Instruments), TÜV Nord, Model Engineering Solutions, and the State of Indiana, to name a few. Megan has been an integral part in creating the current Functional Safety service offerings for customers in the Industry and promoting these services to help OEM’s, Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers grow within the perpetually complex Functional Safety domain. Outside of her work at LHP, Megan graduated from Trine University with her master’s in business administration in 2017 and most recently spoke on the importance of a content-driven marketing process for engineering and technology organizations at the Content World Marketing Conference.