At LHPU, we love to talk about our alumni and their success with the skills they developed while taking our course. One of our popular courses, the gasoline embedded controls course, teaches students the fundamentals of automotive functional safety control systems using ISO 26262.

Let’s Hear from an LHPU Graduate

Nathaniel says the gasoline controls course at LHPU allowed him to obtain new skill sets that he was able to bring into interviews and demonstrate in a professional sense. He describes his time at LHPU as fun and educational. The teamwork focused curriculum helped him grow both his technical skills and collaboration skills that helped him secure the great job he has now.

Nathaniel was one of our students who was already in the workforce when he comes to us. Like him, many engineers find themselves in their new jobs after college, and it isn’t what they expected, or they find themselves needing more skills than what they learned in undergrad.

LHPU is a great option for engineers like Nathaniel, who need to build on their current skillset and discover the newest technologies when it comes to the automotive engineering world.

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Michael Verkamp

Written by Michael Verkamp

Michael has over 30 years in engineering and business management. His career started with Cummins Engine Company as a manufacturing engineer. Michael went on to take global leadership positions in the Swedish technology company Sandvik, where he last held the position of Global Director, Metal Cutting Business, where he was responsible for a $100 million P&L. Since joining LHP Engineering Solutions in 2016, Michael has led employee training and development through HR leadership positions, and now as President of the LHPU Business Unit.