Technical Engineering Training and Soft Skill Development

LHPU helps engineers who want a competitive edge in their job search by preparing them with all of the skills they will need to impress a hiring manager and succeed in their new job. In addition to the technical training, we also focus on providing plenty of soft skill development as those personal skills are just as important as hands-on experience.

One way we help our students develop critical soft skills is by preparing them for the types of interviews they might face in their job search. Here are the four kinds of interviews and how to prepare for them:

Phone Interviews

  • Make sure you are in quiet space where you can focus without distractions.
  • When you start the call, make sure you can hear the interviewer and they can hear you.
  • Have your resume in hand.
  • Keep paper and pen near for note taking.

Video Interviews

  • Follow all of the tips for a phone interview.
  • Make sure you have a professional appearance.

In-Person One on One Interviews

  • Understand the details and logistics of the interview.
  • Make sure to be confident and smile!
  • Remember that it is a conversation, so show your personality and enjoy it.
  • Give a nice, firm handshake.

In-Person Panel Interviews

  • Again, follow all of the tips from the one on one interview.
  • Make sure you give everyone on the panel attention, though you should focus more on the person who asked the question when speaking.

How Can LHPU Help You Nail an Interview?

During your time with us at LHPU, we spend time focusing on how you can develop the skills needed to rock your interviews, no matter which one of the four you experience.

Learn More About How LHPU Prepares Engineers for Interviews

If you are interested in learning more about how LHPU helps aspiring engineers develop their soft skills and how we prepare you for interviews, contact us today.

Written by Sarah McClellan