At LHPU, we prepare our students for their future engineering careers, not only with technical hands-on experience but with the essential soft skills they need to be successful in their job search!

One of the most important things that can make or break a job interview is your first impression. When you are meeting with your potential employer, you want to make sure you look professional. If the interview is in-person, make sure you have a firm handshake and a smile! Those are the basics that pretty much everyone knows, but we also want to talk about a few other tips that aren’t as obvious.


You want to make sure that you have a professional sounding voicemail in case the hiring manager calls, and you miss it. If you have a voicemail that is unprofessional, if you do not have a personal voicemail, or if your voicemail box is full, you might not get another callback.

Social Media

You also want to make sure that your online presence is professional as well. Before your job search, make sure to comb through all of your social media and ensure that anything you see is something you wouldn’t mind your future employer seeing. This includes pictures, posts, comments, and more.

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Written by Sarah McClellan