LHPU is a technical training program where engineers can get a head start in their careers, and current or engineers can re-enter the workforces advance their current careers. Our hands-on approach allows all students to gain the necessary experience they need with real-world technologies, so they can be prepared for their future occupation.



Recent LHPU Graduate Lal Shares His Experience

While attending LHPU, Lal took two courses to prepare himself for his career- Gasoline Controls and Autonomous courses.

The Gasoline Controls Course

This course gave Lal the experience he needed to work with the software code he would be using in his future job. He was able to work with both the software and hardware and learn how they work together as a whole in person.

The Autonomous Course

This course taught Lal and his classmates how to work with autonomous technologies by working with the data inputs and much more. They actually built a self-driving RC car so they could see and work with a real-life autonomous vehicle.

Why Lal Chose LHPU

Lal knew that LHPU would help him improve his soft skills and his technical skills that he would be using in his everyday life as an automotive engineer. Though he and every other engineering student learn endless knowledge from university, only LHPU could give him the hands-on experience he needed to outrank his competition in his job search.

Internship Opportunities at LHPU

As a graduate of LHPU, Lal was offered many internship opportunities, which exposed him to different software systems that helped him improve his knowledge and skills. According to Lal, these internships opened many career choices that he never thought or dreamed of applying for.

LHPU Helps Graduate Find Jobs

LHPU offers not only technical training but also soft skills training that helps prepare graduates during the application and interview processes. Lal found that LHPU helped him improve his English skills, interview skills, and job searching skills.

Advice for Prospective Students of LHPU
When you graduate from university, either with your bachelor’s or master’s degree, you only have theoretical knowledge. But when you graduate from LHPU, you have the practical, hands-on knowledge you need to do well in your job.

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Megan Verkamp

Written by Megan Verkamp

Megan has 5 years of experience in the automotive industry, working as a marketing manager for LHP Engineering Solutions. During Megan’s time at LHP, she has been involved in several co-marketing partnerships with Jama Software, NI (previously National Instruments), TÜV Nord, Model Engineering Solutions, and the State of Indiana, to name a few. Megan has been an integral part in creating the current Functional Safety service offerings for customers in the Industry and promoting these services to help OEM’s, Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers grow within the perpetually complex Functional Safety domain. Outside of her work at LHP, Megan graduated from Trine University with her master’s in business administration in 2017 and most recently spoke on the importance of a content-driven marketing process for engineering and technology organizations at the Content World Marketing Conference.