Why Did We Create LHPU?


Today’s pace of technological change in the marketplace is accelerating, leaving companies unprepared to tackle the changes happening within the automotive industry. The goal of LHPU is to provide engineers who can hit the ground running and really help our customers understand what’s going on. LHPU talent can enable engineering departments achieve their goals around autonomous technologies, embedded controls, functional safety, and software.



What Will You Learn at LHPU?


We really want to create an experience for the students that come into the program. Through our courses, you will learn not only from your instructors but also from each other, and from your mistakes. You will learn about technology around embedded controls and embedded software through hands-on projects. This experience allows you the opportunity to make mistakes in a controlled environment so that you may learn and grow from them.

At LHPU, you will also learn how to be a leader and a team player. These are both extremely important skills to have for any job role in any industry.

You’ll learn what it’s like to work on a problem and come up with a solution in a specified time, an environment not too dissimilar to what goes on in the real world.


Get a Head Start on Your Career Today!


If you are interested in furthering your automotive engineering career and you want to be a step ahead of your competition, consider LHPU. If you have questions or want to learn more about why you should choose LHPU, contact us today!


Written by Sarah McClellan