LHPU focuses on providing the best training methods on current and future technologies for our students. We can accomplish this through our partnership with PerceptIn, a global leader in the autonomous mobility space. LHPU is a leading provider of engineering training in both embedded controls and autonomous technology.

Dragonfly Autonomous Platform

We’re trying to bring together the PerceptIn Dragonfly Pod platform along with the LHPU training methodologies to make the most relevant and effective autonomous mobility training available to our students.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for aspiring engineers to be immersed in the hands-on experiential, project-based learning environment so they can develop those skills that are most in-demand today.

Dr. Lu, President, and CEO of PerceptIn, is a leading authority in this automotive technology space and has written several textbooks which we base our training off of.

Affordable and Reliable Autonomous Driving

We believe that autonomous driving is a huge market with tremendous potential. That’s why PerceptIn focuses on bringing affordable and reliable driving solutions to the public. But one key problem that we realize is that there’s not enough talent in the market that can support this kind of initiative.

So, by creating this partnership between PerceptIn and LHPU, we can help many engineers learn the ins and outs of autonomous technology so we can create an autonomous world.

Learn More About Effective Autonomous Mobility Training

If you are interested in learning more about PerceptIn and LHPU’s partnership, or if you are an engineer looking to gain hands-on experience with the newest autonomous technologies, contact us at LHPU today!

Michael Verkamp

Written by Michael Verkamp

Michael has over 30 years in engineering and business management. His career started with Cummins Engine Company as a manufacturing engineer. Michael went on to take global leadership positions in the Swedish technology company Sandvik, where he last held the position of Global Director, Metal Cutting Business, where he was responsible for a $100 million P&L. Since joining LHP Engineering Solutions in 2016, Michael has led employee training and development through HR leadership positions, and now as President of the LHPU Business Unit.