Core LHPU Engineering Technologies

LHPU is the engineering training division of LHP Engineering Solutions since 2001. On both sides of the company, we focus on embedded controls, embedded software, embedded systems.

We are always looking towards the future of engineering, and right now, the future is gearing towards autonomous controls, autonomous systems, and electric vehicle (EV) controls.

Technical Engineering Training Programs

LHPU was built upon the idea that bringing engineers into an environment where they can learn these technologies in a real-world setting would better enable them for success in their future careers. And that is exactly what we do!

Students at LHPU learn embedded controls on an engine, design controls strategy, implement that strategy, test, and validate that strategy. And then they present that strategy and their success to a group of colleagues and a group of hiring managers.

Not only do students get the chance to work hands-on with the technologies they will need to know for their careers, but it also gives them a safe environment to fail. You learn best from making mistakes, and the steps you take to correct them make you better able to succeed.

Changing Technologies

As technology is ever-changing, we designed this training model to be adapted into the newest and best technologies, such as the current autonomous and EV technologies. We want to make sure that our courses are training on current and future technologies.

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We have a tried and true method of training, and we are absolutely looking into the future of the new technologies. We hope that students that want to accelerate their learning curve and these new technologies will come check us out at LHPU. Contact us today to learn more.

Michael Verkamp

Written by Michael Verkamp

Michael has over 30 years in engineering and business management. His career started with Cummins Engine Company as a manufacturing engineer. Michael went on to take global leadership positions in the Swedish technology company Sandvik, where he last held the position of Global Director, Metal Cutting Business, where he was responsible for a $100 million P&L. Since joining LHP Engineering Solutions in 2016, Michael has led employee training and development through HR leadership positions, and now as President of the LHPU Business Unit.